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„What is easiest to see is often overlooked.“
Milton H. Erickson

[yprm_accordion][yprm_accordion_item open=““ uniqid=“5dc95fb04ec13″ heading=“WELCOME“ desc=“Welcome to my world. A world of contrasts. Between music videos for pop stars, photo productions for the Lollapalooza, image films for villas on Ibiza, aftermovies for dark and sweaty techno festivals, commercials for Adidas and other multimillion dollar companies. I feel at home where I can be creative. I can produce films that give the audience goose bumps. Whoever books me, wants the full program (#soundsweird). Being a filmmaker for me means to shoot, edit and give the film a look that is timeless. Clients like Adidas rely on me because I know how a film should start, so that the viewer stays on and has to end to be remembered.“][yprm_accordion_item open=“on“ uniqid=“5eac705a35c14″ heading=“ABOUT ME“ desc=“Honestly? I thought about having someone else write this text because I’m not sure what you want to read from your future film or photo producer. I think it’s best if I tell you why I would book myself – and I promise I’ll try to be as honest as possible! As soon as a production date is set, my work starts. I imagine what goal you are pursuing with the finished film or photo production and what I can do to get you there. I plan what equipment I will need and I decline other production dates on the agreed date because you are now my customer! My clients will be able to tell you that I am a loose and human type. But this is only one side of me. The other side is a disciplined perfectionist who wants you to be satisfied with the final product. I find „satisfied„ the wrong expression. Actually I want you to freak out completely when you watch the finished production on your laptop and I want your business partners, your girlfriend, your family and your dog to freak out too.

Everything else we should discuss after you have sent me an email.“][/yprm_accordion]

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Thanks for your trust!

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[yprm_testimonials_type2 style=“style2″ heading_size=“h4″ uniqid=“5dccf250d5047″ sub_heading=“#We Love all of them“ heading=“My Clients say“][yprm_testimonials_type2_item uniqid=“5dccf2611bd65″ quote=“„Our project for adidas GLITCH was a complete success! Within a very short time we implemented a great video, which was then played out on the official channels of adidas_de and other media partners. I especially appreciated Johannes‘ constructive criticism as well as his motivation and passion. I am looking forward to further projects.““ name=“Tim Schneider, Project Manager Adidas Glitch | www.adidas.de“ avatar=“2385″][yprm_testimonials_type2_item uniqid=“5dccf282c4a7d“ quote=“„World class photographer and videographer! Johannes has filmed and photographed several of my workshops and I am absolutely impressed by the quality of his work. I haven’t seen any better aftermovies yet. 100% recommendable!„“ name=“Marvin Schulz, Coach“ avatar=“2387″][yprm_testimonials_type2_item uniqid=“5dccf2aa18c43″ quote=“„Really creative and very reliable. With Johannes, you work equally on a professional and friendly level. How pleasant.„“ name=“Alexander Eidel, Head of Marketing Permanent Entertainment“ avatar=“3167″][yprm_testimonials_type2_item uniqid=“5dccf2991aed4″ quote=“„With his unique view, Johannes creates a very special atmosphere both in his pictures and in his videos – as if he sees the moment he captures differently than the rest of us. He understood directly what I needed and exceeded my expectations. Working with him is uncomplicated and relaxed. A very clear recommendation!„“ name=“Milena Reismann, Social Media Managerin“ avatar=“2394″][yprm_testimonials_type2_item uniqid=“5dccf2891540f“ quote=“„We have already worked with Johannes several times on projects here in Ibiza and he really understands his job. Whether in the field of real estate or events – Johannes is our first choice.„“ name=“Eric Dallek, Luxury Real Estate Agent | www.vacayvillasibiza.com“ avatar=“2389″][yprm_testimonials_type2_item uniqid=“5dccf2915b049″ quote=“„I have seen Johannes Riggelsen at work several times now. His way of working is characterised by creativity, professionalism and reliable, prompt finishing work and delivery reliability. I am more than enthusiastic about my video and the cooperation ! For me one of the best filmmakers.„“ name=“Artur J. Erhardt, CEO Happy Monk Media | www.happy-monk-media.de“ avatar=“2391″][yprm_testimonials_type2_item uniqid=“5dccf2a38dbb1″ quote=“„Johannes is definitely one of the most talented photographers & filmmakers out there!.„“ name=“Joe Pohl, Freelance Photographer“ avatar=“2397″][/yprm_testimonials_type2]
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